IMAGE MODELING is a full service agency (meaning we represent both models and actors of all ages). We prefer experienced talent; however, if applicant doesn’t have experience, but does have natural ability (photogenic, comfortable in front of the camera, etc.) we would still like for you to fill out and submit an application. For those interested, we offer private training to Teens and Adults. Please note: We only represent individuals who have placement potential (meaning the ability to work/model) and those we feel we can secure enough work for to make the investment (both time and monetary) worthwhile.

Once your application has been sent to us we will determine if applicant has placement potential. If we feel applicant does then we will contact you and set up an interview (a question/answer meeting). At that time, we will go over applicant's modeling/acting options, our business procedures as well as any other questions you may have.

To get started please enter applicant's date of birth below.

*Currently we are not signing babies or toddlers.*